Our 3 hour Acrylic Pouring Classes are suitable for kids in Grades 4 and above (including Adults!) and are for beginners, right up to those more experienced. 

We will use various materials such as acrylic paint, pouring mediums, water and other relevant materials to create amazing Fluid styled artworks. 

Each student will produce 3 Acrylic Pours onto various size canvas combinations. The first canvas will be a 15cm x 15cm canvas panel.

You will be shown various options / techniques to choose from to create your artwork to achieve the chosen effect.

As these artworks take up to 24 hours to dry you will need to arrange a time to collect after the day. You will be notified once they are dry and we have varnished them 

We have additional canvases available for purchase should you your child finish their 3 canvases early. 

These include:

Round Canvas 40cm for $12

Rectangle Canvas 40cm x 50cm for $12

Square Canvas 30cm x 30cm for $10.

COST: 3 hour Class $80 and included 3 canvases. Please note there is a selection of sizes.

TIME: All classes are 3 hours