'Journey Series'

Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Size 75cm x 101cm deep edge frame.

Painted on a quality CreateArt canvas.


I first started the ‘Journey’ series as a form of play and improvisation, and as a way to use up the leftover paint from the Kids Painting Classes that I run. Life is a Journey, and the choices we make in life will affect that Journey. These artworks are created by me taking a dot for a walk to create lines that overlap, intertwine and fade off – just like the thoughts and choices that we make in life. Some end in long relationships, while others are cut short. The overriding theme of my lines create shapes that look like cogs and these represent the impact of technology on our life and interactions with others. Life is becoming more intertwined and complex. Our networks of friends and interactions with others is increasing all the time.
I also am inspired by my 6-year old son and the way he draws objects from a different and more simplistic perspective. I often incorporate some of his line drawings into my work.
I enjoy creating these artworks as they are a form of relaxation for me and I consider them a challenge to use up the vast array of colours that are already out. That is the unique challenge.

'Journey Series' Acrylic Painting on Canvas (Original)

  • Acrylic Paint on Canvas

    Size is 75cm x 101cm

    Date Painted 2018

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